The Wish Tree Charity Chairman’s report: 17th July 2019

Meeting Venue: The Spotted Dog at 7.30pm

Thank you for attending and for your on going support and
interest in the Charity.

Chairman would like to say a particular thank you to the
current Trustees – Ali (Treasurer) and Barbara (Secretary)
and committee member Mark for their on going commitment
and involvement with the running of the Charity.

Unfortunately, we have had to say farewell to Committee
member Katharine Hill who came on board in 2017, who felt
she needed to step down earlier this year and we thank her
for support/help especially with previous events. We
welcomed unofficial committee member Sophie Lechner-
King in Sept 2018, who agreed to be our village school rep
and welcome her onto the team.

Thank you for your on going commitment and support, as
without you, the Charity would cease to exist!

It has been another busy year for the Charity and we have
offered help to 31 residents since July 2018 and residents
have been in receipt of support by way of practical support
including cleaning, dog walking, horse care, sit in care
support, transport/taxis, gardening and general support.
Transport, cleaning and gardening often remain the primary
needs of residents.We have recently finished support with most of our residents
but are currently supporting 2 residents at present.

After the Music Festival in July 2018, it was decided that we
would have a break from organising another large fundraiser
and have a few smaller fundraising events as the Charity
was in a good financial position (see Treasurers’ report).
However, it was also decided to give Trustees/committee
members a well deserved rest and focus on maintaining the
runnings of the Charity and with networking.

We have had a financially successful year since our last
AGM meeting and have raised a significant amount of
money. We have achieved this by hosting a successful
Guest chef night in the village, being represented by a
London Marathon runner from the village, Achieving joint
place in the Ashtons’ charitable award with FOSL,
successful application for Dacorum Council award from the
local budget, several generous donations from residents we
have assisted and also other organisations ie St Albans
steam society and Coffee Dog.

As usual, we look forward to assisting with the Village show
again later in September 2019 by providing ‘The Tea room’
again as part of this community event. Unfortunately, we are
unable to represent/assist at Scarecrow festival due to
holiday or prior commitments.

We continue to receive several Thank you notes/cards from
receivers of the Charity’s support and family of residents
who were very grateful of our help. We have also received
some very kind donations as a result of supporting residents
which our treasurer has details of, for which we are very

Our challenge remains to ensure we reach all parts of
Flamstead Parish and make people aware of what we do,
how we can help as well as activate support in a timely way
to those who meet the Charity’s’ constitution/criteria.
We continue to advertise in the Parish news and have
updated our advert and contact details accordingly.

website continues to be much improved with updates/
information/photos being updated on a regular basis by
Alison Stewart (creator of website) and regular Charity
updates written by Chairperson added to networks,
grapevine and Parish Magazine. Our thanks also go to Ali
Moss (treasurer) for keeping the Facebook page current and
up to date too.

As Trustees, we continue to ensure that money spent
assisting residents does not exceed monies raised as it has
done in previous years. Although recognised as a positive
aspect whereby the Charity is being used in a way it was set
up to do and shows increased awareness of our charity by
residents. We will continue to be good stewards of how
monies are spent or used in line with our Constitution.
It is necessary to confirm that the current Trustees are
happy to remain in their current roles:

Tracy – Chair
Ali – Treasurer
Barbara – secretary

It is vital that these positions are maintained, as the Charity
would have to fold without these 3 positions filled.
Any changes to committee members? Mark
Does anyone want to become a Trustee?
Any other suggestions for committee members?
Do we want to keep constitution the same?

Plans for next year:
– Continue to be proactive/reactive to reaching residents in
need and being creative in how we achieve this
– Take part/assist in village events as required and work
alongside other organisations where appropriate
– Consider plans for other fundraisers in 2020 ie Guest chef
night, Garden party,
– Apply for Silver Bond place for Virgin Marathon and seek
– Continue to update website and network with village via
grapevine, networks, Parish Magazine
– Search for new committee members/Trustees
– Maintain links with Flamstead school via Sophie Lechnerking
– Continue with quarterly contact with movers/shakers of
village and regular updates in Parish news
– Continue to obtain new contacts for support/resident help
and volunteer driver scheme.
– To meet on a regular basis to ensure continuity of
residents help and organise fundraising events

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