All the offers of help to Flamstead residents are confidential, but some residents have written short testimonials after receiving our support for a family member or themselves, to show their appreciation.  An example is printed below, with the consent of the writer of the letter.


“Thinking of the Wish Tree Charity gives you a warm comfortable feeling. We were lucky enough to be under their care for three months recently.  It was completely unexpected when Tracy arrived on our doorstep offering help.  When we had time to think about it, we realised what a generous offer it was.  We spend a lot of time visiting hospitals and since we parted from our cars, it has been very expensive.  The Wish Tree covered this cost by organising taxis alongside the regular respite help that we needed at the time.  We have now transferred to Care Group volunteers at the recommendation of the Charity for ongoing help with transport, which is provided at a very reasonable cost.  We recommend the Wish Tree Charity to the village.  Please give it your full support, they certainly deserve it.”